Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Trouble Lurking ala Tara McPherson


I'm on an odd roll this week... O_o

I tried to go for the very limited color palette McPherson uses for her poster work, as well as generally mimicing her stylization and slightly macabre subject matter.

I'm still really frustrated with the linework though. I don't know how to take my lines and smooth them out to be more vector-esque so what you see are just the straight pen-lines. Or rather, fuzzy pen lines?
Anyhoo. :)

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  1. well for one ireally like this. it took me a bit to recognize that it was a gigantic pair of scissors behind her and not a strange pair of wings and a tail. as for the lines, you were probably using a normal brush with a high soft setting. you can find and change that. it should be on the upper left quarter of your screen area... heres a small thing about brushes, dont know if it'll help, but http://www.ephotozine.com/article/Brush-tools--Photoshop-features-explained-4620
    or if you have illustrator you can do your lineart fuzzy brush, save it as a large jpg, import it into illustrator, do a live trace on it, save again and then import it back into photoshop and it'll be nice and crisp.
    the first bit in here might help as well,