Monday, June 8, 2009

Rocky Bio

Racquel "Rocky" Ormsby currently resides in her fox-den in Pasadena with her brother. She plays the drums in various bands. Past bands include: Rambling Rose and the Bitter Rodeo, Broken Hat Machine, and Corpse Weaver.

Recently graduated from Art-Funk Central Circus of Designining (Illustration major, and Starving Arts minor), she is pursuing a career in the Entertainment field, creating storyboards and comics.

As Meowkernaut of the First Order, Rocky is preparing for her funkadelic flight to Anime Expo at the moment. Liftoff begins on July 4th weekend... Stop by so you can get a ball of fur--Or perhaps some artwork! Right now, kitties and froggies don't really mix, so drawing is priority #1. She just can't get enough of that golden crisp!

Don't forget to log onto the space-atarium at! Where all the girls have pink hair and polka dots!!!

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