Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Allison: Breathe Again


Sorry about the delay!
Summer school got out, then I couldn't get a scanner... then my internet went kaput. Clearly it is trying to eat me.

Anyway! This is a pretty simple image. I was just playing around with round shapes and this is what came about. You draw circles, you get... turtles.

I need advice on inking though--people use pens but all the "pros" I've looked into use inking brushes, and I have NO idea how you'd ink with a brush... what am I missing?

(Click the thumbnail for larger version...)


  1. really i love him. his smile is especially nice and i like how he feels like he belongs there. i dont know how else to describe it but everything merges nicely :)
    the only thing i'd haev a critique for is the underside of his shell was not done with as much care as the rest of him. even though it takes up relatively little of him it is on the front and messy is distracting.the back of his shell was done really nicely though.
    as for inking, i use microns. i love them. normally ill go over a line once and then again till im happy with it. finish up the inking and then go back over anything else. i use a .01 .05 .08 and a .10 they are lovely for hatching. alot of people i know in my lifedrawing class use ballpoint and it is a suprisingly nice tool to use as you can get thick and thin darks and lights almost similar to the effectiveness of a pencil. of corse you cant erase but thats what inking is eh?
    oh and i really like the swirls on his knees. that makes me happy^-^

  2. Seriously, ballpoint? O_o
    Man. That actually makes me kind of happy, cause microns can get expensive >->
    Yeah actually, now that I look at it, I could've made the lines on his tummy with clearer curves.

  3. yea ballpoint is lovely. you just have to get over the ohshitwhatifimessup problem^-^ but you get that with all inking.

  4. What ballpoints do you buy? (this is a serious question not sarcasm at all)

    The ones I always have end up pouring out the ink unevenly, so my drawings get these little darks spots all over.