Monday, June 22, 2009

1st pass - Breathe Again

OK here is my sketch which I will develop and finish later.. and hopefully paint on my computer? :D

So if you can't tell what it is yet, it's a girl breathing air from a ... lopsided...vile.. jar? and the air is going into a glass sphere where a fish is enjoying all those bubbles of air.
I haven't finished her arm, yet.
So, tada!
I will be done with finals in 2 weeks and I will have so much more free I definitely intend on posting more than sketches. lol.


  1. So now looking at this...I think I am going to erase the hand and attack the nose piece via a string around her head... because it detracts from the fish.. which is the point of the image.

  2. I'd have to agree with you on that one--imagining the hand gone really helps me "find" the fish with my eyes.
    Congrats however, on an ingenious (and quite literal) interpretation of the theme. Can't wait to see it colored :D

  3. i love the concept!
    and how were going with fish and turtles for this theme lol
    and your right about the hand being in the way.
    with the line for the table the whole image seems a but stale despite the fantastic-ness of the situation.

  4. Stale as in lack of movement or?
    I don't like the table either.. but used an image for reference...which I think I am going to change the pose..cuz I don't like and maybe move the bowl into the bell area instead of the chest...still not sure of it though.. or maybe I'll make the bowl a normal body shape..but see through so you can see the form of the ribs and such.. with the fish swimming through that...what do you guys think?