Sunday, June 28, 2009

Breathe again

So yes. i am... not entirely sure if im happy with this or not. i had to edit the origonal sketch alot and im not happy with the fish or the underwater part because besides the color it does not seem to be underwater-y enough. i didnt mean to color it, but i liked it enough that i didnt just want to leave it as a sketch. i tried a new idea this time by leaving the origonal pencil sketch and lines in there with the computer inked lines. i was trying to go for a style like hers who i am incredibly impressed by. i love her art. she is just as awesome as alphonse mucha to me. but i find it hard to work in such desaturated color palettes... -_- i just cant make myself do that. its so hard! anyways i learned alot from trying to imitate her.
any suggestions? still not completely hapy with it but it will have to do. you can see a larger version here


  1. I love it, especially the birds and the scale pattern. I think my only critism is that such special care was given to the hair,scales,birds and fish that I wish the figure had been treated with the same delicacy.

  2. I agree with Alina, the difference in delicacy does make it look as though you cut-pasted various elements together, but if that was your aesthetic, then mm :)
    I like how the figure does keep the two halves of the picture together.