Saturday, June 6, 2009

Bio Post: Allison

Hey! I'm Allison.
I'm an intermedia arts major at Biola University, in my Super Senior year.
I draw and cartoon as a side hobby, an interest I've always maintained and hope to perfect after I graduate and (maybe?) pursue a second undergrad degree.
My interests have mostly been centered around photography: and some animations: my animations but I'm looking forward to having fun working on sketches over the summer.

Things I'd like to have commented on:
The effectiveness of the stylization (too Disney, too anime, too "wtf?" etc.), the coloring technique, and ways I could ink better. I'm still really foggy on how to ink properly.


  1. I love your "The Other Garden" video. Showed great emotion despite the fact that the figures were so plain :). Loved it <3

  2. i watched the video as well and enjoyed it :) was that emilys arm?
    btw you should watch this as well.