Sunday, June 7, 2009

My name is Alina!

Ok, so I am Alina.
I am a pre-illustration student at Cal State Long Beach. I spent 1 year at the Art Institute in Orange County then left, one year working at Aaron Brothers, and I just finished my first year at CSULB. Since none of my credits transfered, I find myself a sophomore, which I am perfectly fine with. The past 2 years I have really taken a break from my artwork, but this summer I am in (what I like to call) "art boot camp." I am taking 2 summer courses at IVC each 4 hours long and 5 minutes apart. So from 9am to 5pm I get to sit in a drawing horse. Woooh!

Honestly, I love art and I love a million styles. I have a hard time sticking to one style or another. I mostly draw, since it's what comes naturally for me, but I would love to be a better painter.

I run art workshops for youth (ages 13-20) all summer long, that focus on how to unify your spirit and artwork in order to glorify God especially in an innovated way. Actually, the workshops are in drama, writing, dance, music AND art. I specifically run the art workshop, but I also am the leader of the team that runs the other workshops. At the end of the summer this year there will be an art show exhibiting all the work the youth have done. However, the artwork can be submitted by anyone under 30 even if they are not part of the workshops. So I'm assuming you guys are under 30, so all of you could submit work :D.
I am putting together a website with a downloadable submit form. When it's done I'll post it here.

I don't know what I would like critique on. Anything I guess.
I think it would be great if we came up themed months or weeks or something. Anything that encourages me to draw at all, is good. lol. That's what I need to most, encouragement to begin something. lol.

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