Sunday, July 12, 2009

Rainbows 1 2 3

The first piece is 2 ft x 1 ft maybee.
it was done on cardboard and took about 2 hours?
not really happy with the placement of her body versus her head. im not sure what happened there. any critique suggestions?
the two other pieces are the first ones. the first one took 10 minutes, the second around 70 minutes. and yeah. the ideas don't have a noticeable shift from one idea to the other, but they keep the same theme? i found it hard to work on exactly the same piece twice in a row. rather unthinkable actually.
no other posts for this? noone inspired by rainbows? thats okay. we'll get a better theme up for next week.
hope you all are still sketching!


  1. Wow those are huge!!! Awesome that you feel comfortable enough to tackle something like that :] I've gotta get myself loosened up too...

  2. lol the bottom two are much smaller.
    i forgot the mention that.
    yea working on a large piece is scary and yet quite satisfying <3
    do it do it!